We DO NOT hold or reserve items for purchase at a later time, whether it be 6 hours, 6 days, or 6 weeks. 

If you have made an order in our store that has not yet shipped, and you want to add something more to your order, please place a NEW ORDER and then we will combine the two orders into one package. You will be refunded the difference in shipping.

If you are waiting on an order to arrive, please do not contact us about its whereabouts until at least 2 weeks have passed if the order is shipping in the United States and at least 4 weeks if the order is shipping to a location outside the United States. Packages take different lengths of time to arrive depending on many factors. Please use the tracking if provided.

If you are a band looking for distribution of your release in our mail-order, we generally do not buy from or trade with bands directly as it is easier to keep our activity to a certain small amount of suppliers. It's recommended that you contact a wholesale distributor such as Revolver, Ebullition, Forced Exposure, etc where we would be more likely to pick it up from, or the metal mail-orders that tend to carry almost everything instead of the smaller, more specific collection in our mail-order. 

TRADES: We get trade requests almost every day. Although we do some select trades with certain long time partners, mostly we do not. It gets tiring to reply to the requests the same way constantly so please don't be offended if you do not receive a reply. We could spend 8 hours a day sending and replying to emails but there is a bit more to do around here. We are selective about what we sell in the distro. We've been passed up on trade offers ourselves many times, it's nothing to be bothered by. 


For questions regarding orders email [store] @ []

For wholesale inquiries email [dave] @ []