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Preview the track 'Rebirth' from the upcoming Nightfell album 'Darkness Evermore'



Aevangelist 'Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss' To Be Released On 20 Buck Spin In October

August 24, 2015

20 Buck Spin has set a release date of October 9th in the US and October 23rd in Europe for the release of Aevangelist 'Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss'. This is the band's fourth album and will be released on LP / CD and Digital formats. The vinyl edition will come in December approximately.  The 4th gate of the Aevangelist has opened within the physical dimension. Witness cataclysmic Black Death Metal force in which slithering arcane horrors conjoined with bizarre mysticism spawn a suffocating cacophonous sprawl. Having unleashed previous (and future) full lengths via the French Debemur Morti label, ‘Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss’ represents the initial Aevangelist transmutation for 20 Buck Spin. Cycling through recent years Aevangelist... Continue Reading →


August 03, 2015

Nightfell 'Darkness Evermore' LP / CD / Digital. Releasing 9/11 on CD / Digital and 10/23 on LP. Cover and interior paintings by Carl Auge. Find the band directly on Facebook. Tracklist: 1. At Last2. Ritual3. Cleansing4. Rebirth5. Eulogy6. Collapse Continue Reading →


July 08, 2015

20 Buck Spin will release the new NIGHTFELL album entitled 'Darkness Evermore', the follow up to their debut album 'The Living Ever Mourn'. The album will release on CD / Digital on 9/11 with the LP to follow in Oct / Nov.  Stay tuned for more details regarding artwork , track list and song premieres in the near future. Once more defying easy classification, Darkness Evermore seethes with NIGHTFELL‘s fiery, apocalyptic energy from the opening moments of ”At Last” until the final ”Collapse” and through the cycle of ”The Cleansing” and ”Rebirth” in between. Ranging from short respites to more than ten minute epic pieces, the album’s blackened guitar harmonies and bleak melodies provide a somber counterpoint to the massive,... Continue Reading →