“Metal” was Manilla Road's follow up album to their legendary debut “Invasion” (issued via their own Roadster Records in 1980). In contrast to other bands starting out, “Invasion” and “Metal” (originally released on Roadster in 1982) are not too similar in style and substance. According to Mark Shelton, there is a reason for that: “There was a whole album and another three song demo that had been recorded between the time that we recorded 'Invasion' and 'Metal'. I am referring to what eventually turned out to be released as 'Mark of the Beast'. So there was a learning curve between those two projects. 'Invasion' was recorded with analog guitar processors and 'Metal' was more like it should really be, with Marshall Amps miked up and turned up. Huge difference in the sound of the guitars on 'Metal'. I'm not saying 'Metal' was a great recording but it was a great leap forward for us at the time.” 
In contrast to "Invasion" there was only one single vinyl pressing of 2,000 copies with no re-pressing. Manilla Road went on to working on the “Crystal Logic” album almost immediately after “Metal” and never looked back.

Gatefold LP, poster, 4 page insert. 



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